Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Just Knew - but so what...

I just KNEW Paris airport would be open in time for my flight, and I just KNEW my flight could be ok.


Phnom Penh, 21 April 2010 - El Mundo Cafe, 12h30

I am a knower, it is my chart, this is one of the most extreme proofs of Human Design I ever found. I DO KNOW. I just KNOW.

I knew.

I knew.

I also know that I am perfectly happy to stay on a little longer here, but I also fear that suddenly I HAD A SEAT, I WAS THE FIRST FLIGHT that was OK, and they told me to forget about it. I am now 10,000 people back in the queue.

I had a wonderful afternoon, evening, morning, in Phnom Penh.

Just found the most BEAUTIFUL cloth for new staff uniforms at our "shop" - as The Princess calls it. Sometimes I think the Gods, or coincidence, is smiling at me.

Off to the Thai Airways office to say, Oy! I was booked on that flight, the airport re-opened, so did it go after all? WITHOUT ME!??


Java Cafe, Phnom Penh, April 21 2010, 14h45

Well, Paris Charles de Goal Hair port did re-open yesterday, and Air France was on the button and flying passengers to and from Bangkok straight away.

Thai Airways is another story. All their planes and staff are in the wrong places, and it takes 2 days to get everything ready to restart. So indeed, the airport was open for my flight, but there was no airplane, no staff, no meals, no nothing, and I am indeed at the end of a very long queue to get to Europe.

It could be worse. I could be stranded in the "Grey Country", as I have always called it, but with volcanic ash everywhere, perhaps the UK is a little more grey for everyone to see.

Maybe 60,000 Thai Airways passengers are ahead of me in the queue, and the next available seat to Paris, is THREE WEEKS from now. I am having a coffee to rethink what to do.

I wonder what my sacral is up to - to enter Human Design thinking for a spoonful. Human Design dogma, I mean nollidge, says that the body actually KNOWS the co-incidences in the path ahead. OK, so why am I in this situation? Yes, I discover Phnom Penh is much more delightful and fun than I thought.

But I seem to be stuck here in Asia, for some time longer than I wanted.

Oh never mind, I will find out in the flow of life I suppose.

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