Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What The ... Was That?

Phnom Penh, April 20 2010

Dara Reang Sey Hotel, 18h30

It is a strangely sweet relief to be "stranded". While the Thai Airways website promised negotiations to reroute my flight to Paris into Toulouse, which is where I am headed anyway, it also said now go to your local Thai Airways office, wherever you are, and they make all the arrangements.

Nobody answering the telephone or emails at Thai Air, not in Bangkok and not in Phnom Penh. So this morning, I went to the Thai Air office, where the staff had never heard of Toulouse, or any plans, or news, they knew less than I did. All passengers are stranded, that is how it is, but what about what it says on the website, for example, could I reroute to Madrid? Madrid, Ma... Drid...? OK, in 2 weeks time? No. Ohoh! No.

So I thought I was in the front of the queue, maybe one of the first to get home to Europe, because I had a ticket and Toulouse airport is not closed, and either the staff were stupid, to be expected here in Cambodia, and I am sitting here while my empty seat flies to France tonight, or I am suddenly at the back of a queue of 10,000 people all with tickets on Thai airways to Europe.

But I am strangely happy. I never liked Phnom Penh, but this time it seems ok. Here is a funny story, my friend Jean Luc who runs the Tigre de Papier in Siem Reap, he recommended a printers to me in Phnom Penh. All the rest are too expensive and bad quality, he said, mention his name and we get a good price. Which I did. We need promotional leaflets, and also multi-part coupons in white, blue, pink, and yellow, for every sale to a customer. I have been joyously graphic designing, maybe I can attach the file here in the blog? I found I knew exactly what to do, and have incorporated many new and original features in the design - a customer satisfaction survey that in my view, we do not need to ask a customer to fill in. We hand them the bill with the dollar total in a square box, a great improvement on the other designs used here, and a pen wil be casually available, and I predict our customers will want to circle one of the smiley faces. We may
even get a name and email, or quotable comment and a signature, it just may work, without a whisper of a word from our receptionist, and that is DESIGN, that, that, that is DESIGN. I love it.

The printer prints 100 sets of four copies in a "booklet", and the standard order is 100 booklets. Another printer charges $130. So when this recommended printer said "one hundred, sixty dollars", I presumed he was more expensive at $160. I even phoned Jean Luc to whinge about this, and when I saw the printer this morning, can you do cheaper, no, no, no, no, no. But here is the thing, I decided, I like this family, I will pay the extra anyway, and took the file to his wife, as he had left town for business.

Turns out he meant 100 booklets, just $60. Me, hopeless at business, I was ready to pay $160, just because I like the family.

And unlike so many in Cambodia, in Asia, and beyond, they have the integrity to say, no, just $60, you are a friend of Jean Luc.

Uranus the Unusual is in a special place that Genoa Bliven - head of Human Design America - described as putting our lips to the mystical cup. I agree. The gate of Innocence. which tends to recieve shocks and scars, but in the flow, can be where you reach the magic and mystery of shamanism, in your mundane existence.

Anyway I am happy today.

The sun has been sneaking through hexagram 3, Difficulty at the Beginning, for a few days now, currently where, line 4 or 5? Both my laptops are step by step more buggered every day, I have no way to Czech on the software anymore. Oh I could look on my lovely Ephemeris, where did I put that... oh, in the outer pocket of my suitcase, which is just next to me here.. just a moment...

Moving to line 5 at 2pm GMT, I am in GMT+7, that is 9pm, in a couple of hours. So we must be in colour 6, innocent observation, that feels like it is true for now. I am so laid back, it is weird. FUCCKKKK<KKK< !!!

What the HELOLO was that?

Some spirit here in the room? Uhuhm

Suddenly I am drenched in water. SHOCK to the INNOCENCE. UNUSUALNESS - uranus. Moronic Princess left a water trap to explode over me, her bloody Lotus Flowers in a glass, and my eyesight is not suited to something that can drench me without me realising what is going on.

Time to stop blogging

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