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Ideas for wikipedia article on Human Design

Human Design is an original, different, and powerful set of ideas that challenge traditional scientific and religious explanations.  It is fast gaining popularity among both "new age" and also traditionally minded people notably in America and Europe.

Unlike traditional science, Human Design did not evolve step by step, it was received as a revelation "from a Voice" by one man, Ra Uru Hu.  He himself makes no secret that he does not fully understand the ideas that he speaks as they originate beyond his consciousness.  This inability of the originator to grasp or explain the central concepts involved is one of the most curious aspects of Human Design.

Human Design claims to be empirical, however the empiricism is a totally new style, where each individual consciousness necessarily experiences a separate reality that contradicts all that is homogenised and communal.  The main focus is not on that which can be measured and agreed universally, but on the mechanics of each person's unique path through life.  

Originally Human Design promised a better life, however these claims seem to have been quietly dropped in recent years, as clearly some notable enthusiasts have actually experienced personal crises that could not be labelled as better by any normal observer. These seem to be exceptions, in general the popularity is based on extensive anecdotal evidence of life changes that can be interpreted as improvements.  

The original "download" happened during 8 days in January 1987.  The originator claims that this knowledge is the "dying breath of a star" that travelled through space thousands of light years just ahead of the neutrinos  which registered on detectors in February 1987, from Supernova 1987A.  

Several unthinkable predictions were included in the information, the first that neutrinos had mass, a contradiction to the definition of neutrinos at the time.  Scientists confirmed neutrinos have a slight mass in 2001.  

A second prediction is that science will discover the magnetic monopole as the key that links consciousness to material form in a complex model involving 2 "crystals of consciousness" which separately generate mind, matter, and experience, for each being and each thing in existence.  Reality therefore extends outwards from both living and inanimate things, and is ultimately temporary and finite.

In Human Design theory, this universe is a nested fractal duality, or "biverse", that is basically a foetus at about 6 months of gestation, that will at some future time be born as some fully formed organic entity into some realm beyond the walls of our conceptual reach.

Various other incredible predictions arose from the mechanics of Human Design, based on planetary movements against 64 constellations of remote stars, each with a specific quality based on a new interpretation of ancient Chinese wisdom - the Yi Jing or I Ching.  One example is bird flu, which was predicted in advance as a serious epidemic.  In contrast, swine flu was known to Human Design experts to be relatively insignificant, as we now know to be true.

Another set of predictions concern the evolution of homo sapiens into a new species, which has apparently already started since 1781, so that the knowledge of ancient civilisations, notably the Hindu model of a 7 chakra aura, no longer apply to any living human.  Human Design predicts that from June 2027 babies will be born so different that medical science will detect them.  Autism and Prostate cancer are signs of the new species born ahead of time.  This evolution is said to be the motivation for the revelation, to ensure the survival of the new species, called Raves, in Human Design.

Human Design uses a graphic chart from the positions of planets at birth and a second set of positions 88 degrees of earth orbit before birth. This bodygraph chart reveals the type and diversity of human auras, and the growing popularity of Human Design is based on the apparent uncanny accuracy of these charts interpreted by a licensed and trained expert.  Human Auras have 9 energy centres in Human Design theory, set at birth to either blow or suck normally toxic energies, until death.  

In Human Design, Death is said to involve a "bardot" journey of 3 days, during which time any autopsy, organ removal, or moving of the body sentences the deceased "personality crystal" to a horrendous limbo.  Birth involves a strictly sequential building of the foetus and aura, in three stages, the first and last fixed to 88 degrees rotation of Earth orbit.  This orbital movement, 11/45 of a circle, apparently is the only doorway through which consciousness and material form can "juxtapose" or form life.  However the middle stage of foetal development varies from one individual to another depending on the particular negotiations between "crystals of consciousness" and the magnetic monopole, said to be the core explanation of life itself.

Several aspects of Human Design set it apart from all previous systems of thinking in our species.  Firstly it seems to have almost holographic references to core aspects of so many previous human ideas, from tribal through religious to the most advanced depths of science, as if each fragment has some distorted value that only makes sense when all are put together like a jigsaw.  Secondly Human Design has the most unusual and intriguing answers to the most basic questions - for example, how does the thinking get into the meat - the mind and body duality.  The answer for Human Design is at a rotational angle of 11/45 of earth orbit, a magic portal opens where two separate worlds hinge together, individual by individual, rock by rock, atom by atom.  Reality only extends outwards from interlocking rotational vortices of consciousness and matter "juxtaposed".  This idea is so extraordinary, very few people can grasp it.  The result is a complete, logical, and consistent concept of space, time, biology, astronomy, physics, and so on, completely avoiding many axioms of existing thought, such as the Cartesian idea of x,y,z co-ordinates of space in snapshots of time.  Time in Human Design is not separate from space, but rotation and oscillation are mechanical products of consciousness and material form marrying together for a limited duration, over and over.  

It is inconceivable that any single individual, nor any committee of human beings, could come up with so many convoluted and extraordinary ideas at once, disregarding most of the axioms that have shaped centuries of shared human thinking.  Until now, every step of science, or "paradigm shift", only alters one or two details of science, in contrast Human Design basically starts from entirely original axioms of creation mythology, atomics, space time, ontology, epistemology, biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and more.  Human Design might appear merely esoteric, or perhaps a new marketing fad for a pseudo religion or as some reinvented astrology, but there are those who say it is a complete and workable rival to all human ideas until now.

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