Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash? Seems ten thousand kilometers away.

Phnom Penh, 19 April 2010

17h, Mekong River Cafe

I am rather enjoying the volcanic ash cloud disruption. So my sincere apologies to all those whose lives are disrupted, but here I am stuffing my face with lamb chops and coffee, on the bank of the Mekong river, and Phnom Penh seems a happier town than when I have been here before.

I just replied to someone on wikipedia, he (or she?) is just a number, no name given, but very active in editing the embryonic article and also advising me. I think these wikigeeks basically have a good heart, shame about the belief in concepts and truth, oh, I had all that beaten out of me with successive tragedies and absurd moments of my ludicrous and unlikely life. There is no order in the mathematics of a splash, and the mathematics of paint splashing is truly the mathematics of reality. What is profoundly and disturbingly absurd, is that human design (over at wikipedia, Capital Letters are reserved for the Pope, and the Queen (= the rock group) etc) or Human Design, wgaf (=Hu Gives a Truck) seems able to map some of this mathematics of flow and reality as a dance of consciousness in material bubbles.

Ah, life. Volcanic ash, just look at the map, dare I copy it from the BBC, yes I dare, the ash burst forth in quiet and polite neighbour to Europe, Iceland, such a nice country, never did anything like this before, except mess up the financial system and go bankrupt, and all that Gaia puss and grey vomit headed straight for the UK and then washed on to the EEC. Oh my! Reminds me of the diagrams my Geography Teacher father made to show the flow of winds on the planet. The earth is rotating, so the winds all get caught in the what the planet rotates, and the convection of the hot tropics and the colder poles. Ash from Iceland, no choice, the UK and then the EEC, oh dear, but funny if you are not personally affected.

I am personally effected, unless Paris airport is declared open to Thai flight 930 from Bangkok tomorrow night. But I can quite happily stay on here for a couple of days, for the princely sum of $15 a night, I have a pleasant room in the Dara Reang Sey Hotel, near the riverfront. Ah, lazy days.

Only they are not. We are here, the Princess and baby and I, to get printing. But mummy is ill, so the Princess has gone to her province and her mother seems ok for now, on a drip, which is all the local doctors know to do here, and the family lotus farm, I hear, is delightful. Lotii are in a taxi heading back my way at this very moment.

Hexagrams Schmexagrams, I cannot be energised to muck with all that today. I am delighted to be graphic, designing, step by step the image for our promotion is getting better and better, I remain hopefull we will indeed Suck Seed where others merely wonder Wai, I am loving my life for the first time in many many years.

It is just so pleasant here today and no, it is not different, I, I, I am different, I suppose. Or is the world dancing?

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