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'''Human Design''' is a set of ideas that challenge traditional scientific and religious explanations of life, the universe, and everything.  These ideas are from one man, Ra Uru Hu, born Alan Robert Krakower in [[Toronto]], [[Canada]] on 9 April 1948, who says he experienced 8 days of mystical revelation from "a Voice" in January 1987.<ref></ref>  The official website presents the results of a survey of more than 600,000 people who have provided date, time, and place of birth to obtain their personal Human Design "bodygraph chart".<ref></ref>

The primary source of information is a library of audio talks, and more recently short video presentations, by the originator, Ra Uru Hu.<ref></ref> In 2009 a major publisher released the first apparently independent and authoritative book<ref> Harper Collins </ref> on Human Design.  Previous books<ref>The Rave I'Ching- Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

The Rave I'Ching Line Companion, vols. 1 & 2, Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

The Global Incarnation Index - Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

Opening Doors with Gene Keys - Richard Rudd, published by GeneKeys Publishing UK, 2002

Circuitry - A Complete Guide to Circuits, Channels and Gates - Richard Rudd, published by GeneKeys Publishing UK, 2003

A Revolution of One: An Intimate Story of a Generator - Mary Ann Winiger, published by Mary Ann Winiger, 2007

Living Your Design: A Manual for Cellular Transformation - Lynda Stone, published by Human Design America, 2007

MMAI - Maia Mechanics Advanced Imaging Software - Jovian Archive Corporation, 2008</ref> have either been closely controlled by Ra Uru Hu and his Jovian Archive Corporation, or are from rival splinter groups of former collaborators<ref></ref>.

Human Design is notable for it's claim to be empirical and testable in all details, and the widespread interest generated, particularly official<ref> or UK Austria Spain  Brazil Japan Greece  France Italy Hawaii, USA, Oregon USA, australia </ref> and rival versions<ref>,,,,</ref> have many websites and online communities<ref>www.humandesignglobal.ning., </ref>.

== References ==
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* The BBC sponsored forum "h2g2" featured an article on 13 November 2003:

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