Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illegitimi non carborundum

Siem Reap, 13 April 2010.
Shadow of Angkor cafe, 14h00
It is Khmer New Year, here in Cambodia, and everyone shuts shope for 3 days or more, everyone has to go home to Mummy. Our shop will be open with a skeleton staff, a bit bony for the massage, ok, but the customers here are Asian, they like things different. And they will for sure only spend $7 a massage, we need 20 customers a day to pay costs, send us a miracle, if you have shamanic or priestly powers, go right ahead and whisper Lemongrass Garden Spa Siem Reap, on the Astral Planes.
Talking of aeroplanes, I have finally booked my flight, my escape. For some reason, Thai airways have really low prices just now, why would that be? Oh is it that they just found out that the dozen "red shirts" killed in political protests these last few days, were shot by real bullets in the backs of their heads. As the government was using only rubber bullets from the front of the demontrations, this is unpleasant to hear. Bangkok is not stable right now, the red shirts offer a million baht for the scalp of the Prime Minister... it is back to tribal ideas, the scape goat, a goat you pick to carry all sins out of your tribe and into the desert.
I have posted on Facebook, so where in Human Design are the explanations, the specific transits, to say why Bangkok has unrest, while the rest of the planet is pretty much as normal.
Meanwhile the Sun has got his hat on, tra la la la lah, and it continues to be well in the forties Celsius here in Siem Reap, very very hot. I have a flight to Paris, oooh la la! Just $1000 return from Phnom Penh, flexible return date, cannot argue with that, Thai Airways superfast jet from Bangkok, next week. Red shirts, Yellow shirts, Pink shirts, I just need the airport to function normally for transit passengers.
And talking of transits, the Sun is in line 3 today Trial and Error, of hexagram 42 Increase, the Gate of Growth. Yes there is a hexagram for that embarrasing mole on your backside.
And talking of moles, let's dig a little deeper into what this means. "In times of increase, mistakes are a natural part of the process." Well well well. Hear hear. Jolly Good Show. Capital Capital. I have a little sideshow, subplot, backstory, here, I put an article, or stub as the cigarette smokers over at wikipedofilia like to call it. Topic Human Design, and within a couple of hours, against all wikipolicy, the article was removed, the text totally not for anyone to see, and the name Human Design deemed unfit for any future articles on wikiprattia. Yesterday the Sun was in line 2 Identification, Power for Growth, participation and recognition of new trends, and DutchMike the admin who destroyed my article, released the text back to my private user space. Hoorah, for boorishness. I expect he has a small cock. It is people like that who need to impress others with how powerful they are and they need to make newcomers feel small.
Illegitimi non carborundum. Or in this case -
The day before was line 1 Diversification - Surplus resources leading to activities beyond what you normally do. Uhuh.
Tomorrow the Sun will be in line 4, The Middle Man - "The maturity to bring growth through mediation"
There is no sea in mediation. Nurse! Medication!
I give it 3 days. The we will be in line 6 Nurturing - "The power to share the process of growth with others." All quotes, unless otherwise inline cited - a wikiterm wikicoined to wikimean something to do with inline skating, a dance using roller blades, that is neither exciting, inciting, but just cited. A bit like putting up a tent.
Talking of tents... I think I need a shoulder massage. My muscles. All this wikifying makes my muscles tense, I could rent them out and I'd have a camp site.
Now we are back to wikipedia. Depends what you mean by camp I suppose.

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  1. Wow, enjoying all that is coming through lately, seems like a lot of energy and depth is going on. For some reason seem to be sensing a bit better who You are, or what it is like to BE you. Enjoying your openness, Devin