Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some Temporary and Rather Sacral Manifestation...?

Siem Reap, 9 April 2010

08h30 Bengal Tiger Cafe in Pub Street

Since February 12, and until June, I can see from my Personal Ephemeris that I have the Discovery Channel defined - my design Sun in 29 from my own chart connects up with Saturn which is now retrograde in 46.  This means a lot to me.  I will not only be very sensual, this is also about discovery of my own body, uhuhm, here we go, here we go, here we go, ooooh, Sir Jasper, Do Not Touch ...  as they say.

In a manner of squeaking, you do understand.  Never mind.  More to the pencil, this Discovery Channel is about suck seeding where others merely email, and femaling where others suck seed.  Or something.  I have no problem with that.  It seems to be actually the main focus of this year so far.  

Let me check today's chart.  Well, the current transit makes me a Manifesting Generator with Single Definition.  That is interesting, it is just the moon in hexagram 13 which is about leading off alone into a remembered secret pathway that gets results.  Line 6 at the moment - "unlimited hope.  The energy to persevere."  Ah beware, Mahalo, this is just a transit, but I feel this energy as if the world is smiling on me today.  And I know from the Ephemeris that at 3:14 am GMT, which is 10:14 am here, GMT +7, I lose this powerful adolescence, I can think of no better word.  For now I feel supremely powerful, fecund, able to initiate and do and that things will be flowing for me in my life.

Manifesting Generator, oh the fuss about this type so ANNOYS me.  I contacted Chetan Parkyn, who has written the first book in Human Design that is 1) marketed by a major publisher, Harper Collins, and b) independent of Ra Uru Hu and almost independent of his main rivals.  This is a huge step, and as some people already noticed, I have been fussing about getting HD on wikipedia, and Goodness knows why. Fuck it, I am going to post the article actually live, NOW, while I am succeeding where others fail, fuck it, I am going to do that.  Wikipedia.  Manifesting Generation, oh dear me, then comes the thwack! of reality saying, no, get back, you do not succeed this time.  But maybe, just maybe, maybe it is my time to do this?  

Ah the delusions of the mind and so on.

Blah blah blah

See you on wikipedia, see how long my embryo lasts, maybe as a teenager, my seed will impregnate something, this time, oh dear me, here I ... come!

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