Monday, 5 July 2010

Is HD a sinister mind control cult? Discuss.

Dear Chrisg666

thank you so much for your comments on .

I have been waiting more than 7 years for someone, anyone, with your intelligence and experience to discuss Human Design at this level. I plan to contact you privately via Vox and continue there, as I feel it is best to compare notes and specifics before presenting any further discussion to the public.

Then again... here are some initial reactions to what you say.

I am trained myself in conversational hypnosis, I did the Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis twice with Annee Linden and Stephen Goldstone of the New York Institute of NLP, as well as extensive training in NLP with John Grinder the co-founder of all such trainings, Genie Laborde, and unfortunately Tony Robbins, and others (Ross Jeffries, Mark Cunningham, people I consider top in their particular fields). It was a phase of my life for most of the 1990s.

Ra is technically in a hypnotic trance, and has often been assisted by drugs, whilst presenting his talks on Human Design. That in itself brings a hypnotic quality in his voice and talks. So it is natural to resonate and enter a trance state yourself in the presence of anyone able to hold that state themselves whilst holding a conversation or lecture.

If there are technical Ericksonian techniques, I have not found them, and I never really let up my radar on conversational hypnosis in my own life, despite my comfort in most of the trance states. I dislike the abuse of anyone by covert hypnosis. I have simply not detected any deliberate attempts at all by any of the Human Design professionals that I know.

Now, the results, that is another matter, there, I have to say there is some evidence that the RESULTS of how HD has impacted people are broadly consistent with a sinister mind control cult.

My own opinion is that is a sad consequence of personality flaws in Ra Uru Hu to a SMALL extent, and the preschool training of modern society to make people blind dumb sheep who listen to and obey parents priests poets and politicians. This is a tragedy, that most people are walking zombies as if with a slot to jam in any idiot's mind control programming. I certainly grew up in that modality and have the pain and years of attempting to throw all that off, I consider myself largely clean of it, compared to many others, and I refuse to involve myself in using such simple but dangerous methods to help others.

Some of us are trained by stupid parents and schooling to be victims of any random mind control cult - there is a HUGE demand for such slavery in this world, and I feel that HD is on an unfair playing field when we the customers turn every thing from Jesus to Madonna to Wallace and Gromit into some form of mind control cult, our needs are that desperate basically.

In conclusion, I divide Human Design into 2 parts - an increasingly fluffy tendency to dogma and unchallenged assertions validated ONLY by the master, and those items that can and indeed must be empirically tested and validated. I have to say, it remains incomplete, and perhaps dangerously incomplete, if we continue to patch the missing pieces together only with untestable dogma.

Oho Cafe, Bangkok, just arrived for a few days, 10:00am Choose day 6 July 2010

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This page is rightly deleted from Wikipedia, the HD system is a commercial pyramid which whilst being a novelty to those having their initial reading by one of thousands of "analysts" has a dark side worthy of any mind control cult. Notable is that the "lectures/ awareness briefings" are given by one person only (Alan (Robert) Krakower).. by all means listen to the systematic dismantling of an individual's core beliefs in the name of enlightenment, but please read this first.

At the level at which an individual(female target group)makes changes to their relationship status at the behest of the self appointed Guru "Ra you are you who" this turns from a parlor game into a dangerous belief system for those who have become ensnared in the misappropriated language, doublespeak, and dogma.

I am qualified as a former student of this organisation.


PS: from Mahalo

Ra has refused to answer me several times WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? I presume he has no idea. He experiences many levels of cognition that need - he says - some alliance with a plant (hallucinogenic substances, or simply touching the leaves, in his theory) or animal (witch's cat etc.) but hypnosis is human to human, no plants or animals involved. Are entities involved? If so, how? Is hypnosis merely a mistaken concept - there are entities, there is control, we are not as we think, what is really going on - note his comment that almost all people (=anyone with half a tribal channel) are DESIGNED for deep (and life changing?) influence with disembodied entities types 1 through 6..

This is the key question. What is really going on with hypnosis, mind control, etc. Why is it so deeply attractive to us to BE controlled, to be absent here, to abdicate from all that matters here, and just be present "there"?

What is the shamanic world? What is the reality that people enter where we become "controlled" here, in this reality? It is URGENT to understand what we are talking about.

To simply say, ah, this is a mind control cult, avoid it, is to botch the opportunity to penetrate and resolve all this. WHY why why do we have mind control cults, why so many people NEED this, and I would say, 98% of people need this? What is going on?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Revelations that make me go wow!

18 May 2010 Siem Reap

Shadow of Angkor Cafe, Riverside, 14h00

I just realised something, and I want to make a written blog. But first of all, I have started a radio blog, audio, intended for the new Human Design Radio. Maybe you found it here on my blog already, but it has been great fun making that, and a step back in my own personal history. Back at college, I was the first breakfast DJ and also DJ co-ordinator for Cambridge University Radio, and I am continuing a format of radio bulletin I developed and loved making back then. Basically I love sounds, I love the way sounds paint pictures in people's heads, and just how very different and how very personal and how almost real that can be. So I like to use background sounds in my audio, and I do not think anyone else has done that on Human Design Radio or the recently closed Jovian Archive Radio.

Quite frankly, I found JAR boring. I found it indulgent. That is me. OK. Me. I am an entertainer, since I was underage, I played piano in pubs in the UK, and I learnt just as Elton John has said, playing pub piano you learn it is what the customer wants, not what you want. I had to entertain or go. I place enormous value on being entertaining, it is something I like to include here also, although sometimes my passion and emotions are there instead, well, anyway. Human Design Radio may actually broadcast my audio blogs, not sure yet, and in any case, the stimulation of that format brings new life to me.

But my life is mutation, drastic changes, as always, are afoot.

WIthin a couple of hours of Mahalo Radio Blog001 - Pub Street Cambodia, I walked out on my girlfriend, the Princess. If Blog002 is ever made public, I do not know, but it has some fascinating spontaneous revelations about the sacral journey. It also embodies the morning after a personal breakup.

Blog003 is an Introduction to Mahalo. So the Blog I made this morning, oh my goodness, 004 already? The meat. Why I use swimming, dance, music, sauna, to get into my body, every day, and how important it is to disconnect the mind every day.

Ah - lunch. Back soon.


Wow! I keep over using that word. Wow!

I am more experimental and daring now with my PHS diet. 4 years if I remember correctly, on this diet, since the Toronto Penta, whenever that was. An Ibiza or three later, Ra clarified an important point, that whenever I get a sacral response to eat something mixed, the do it. Strategy and Authority trump PHS, basically.

It is challenging and also boring to get PHS diet number one, the one by one diet, nothing mixed. I can sense I have eaten something too mixed just now, but I know the exact point where mixedness overwhelmed my system. Before that, the wow is because I felt my body, my body, what can I say, not my body, my essence like tentacles, reaching into the food, tasting deeply, so deeply, each thing. My eyes tend to guide me often, especially with food, I often find myself staring at something on a plate or something on a menu list and I take that as a signal to my mind that my body wants or needs that to eat NOW! I have just eaten poodle with sea food and mixed vegetable. Sorry, noodle, not poodle. I told you I was an entertainer. Cannot resist the joke, every time, but how many people catch it? Never mind.

Although this dish was cooked together, so there was a mixedness in the flavour overall, as I chop sticked around it, selecting what my eyes stared at unconsciously, as it were, and yes, I am well connected to my unconscious, Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, but naturally shamanically gifted from birth, I suspect. My body started to ooomph. Just reach like tentacles for the purer taste, of each thing, and it reached some extraordinary climaxes. The cabbage, tasting like heaven, so in your face, in my mouth. The prawns, oh give me more, give me more. Slobbering now. Then the onion, oh. My. God. Onion? Uh? What is happening to me, who cares, just wow! Onion, just cooked exactly so, and yes, mixed with an overall flavour but a very dry cooking, not soggy, so that was a mere surface dusting, I could scrape off the debris of wrong cooking and my tongue and yearning just oomphed into pure onion taste, and I wonder, why do people take
drugs? I mean, I have these experiences, so often in my life, I have yet to comment on what I experience during massage, another day, ok.

So now, fanfare please, thank you.

The reason I started writing THIS blog is a sudden realisation, a new one, oh I love that, tickle me someone... oh yes, yes, YES! YEEESSSSSSS! Skewze me, just a little public orgasm there. Nothing to worry about, no, thank you, I don't need a tissue.

Um. Perhaps I do. Ok. ok.

Don't look! OK back to the flow, realisation, it is this. What, out of time? No. OK.

I opened my Rave Yi Jing to hexgram 2, and there it says in brown letters, THE RECEPTIVE... Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined. The root of action.

Utter Gobbledegook, eh? Exactly.

But then the gook degobbled, suddenly it made perfect sense, in a new way, a new powerful insight, that Human Design talks about sacral RESPONSE and the many times Ra has been ugly in his frustration that people did not RESPOND as he wished. That RESPOND seemed simple to him, and clearly other people were idiots, I have heard his blah blah and I feel, yeah, Mr Poo, all the world are idiots, but upgrade your message and idiots can hear. And here is a pure nugget, RESPOND means first of all RECEPTIVITY.

That was not obvious, until I mention it now, and we go, oh yes, of course, but do you see? No dont worry, I can Einstein this alone if necessary. 'Look at that hexagram number 2, six lines of Yin, six lines of female receptivity, and who has that power of femality? Femaility? Female depth, all right? Who is that female? Six bloody depths of it, oh sorry, madame, bad choice of words, sorry sorry.

The mystery is solved, master! Mastery is now possible, if only we get it clear. Responding actually means being really really really really really really Receptive. That is six reallies, six depths of receptivity and for a world of zombie heads, tortured by parents priests poets politicians and other people beginning with P, that is a lot of urine.

Now eye know Wai it is so challenging to walk the sacral journey. You need a level of femininity that is unusual even in women today. Not needing to flounce or wear a little black dress, although I come to think of it. But to have that as a normality, for it only takes a moment to grip the cock of reality. Yes, to embrace the moment is something so feminine, that very few people have any idea how to go about it.

There is a deep resistance to the sacral journey, the way you live Human Design in your daily life, I see it everywhere, I know it myself, I know the difference recently that I have dared to embrace. And it is surely powered by my own ability to suck in the moment, embrace the neutrinos maybe, the flavour, the penetration of "now". Just enough to decide, and then as the fortune cookie says, The Root Of Action. Action results like the way a bow and arrow stretch back before shooting forth.

Well. Well well well well well.

Deep, eh?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fw: Mahalo Radio Blog demo, what do you think?

Suddenly mutation.

Last night I made a new style, audio blog.

Intended actually for the new Human Design Radio.

If the wonders of computing allow, it is attached and should be available here if you want to listen.

Mahalo, Siem Reap, 16 May 2010.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another Magical Sacral Moment in my life

Phnom Penh 12 May 2010 8h48 Chivas Shack Cafe

Extraordinary. Exciting. My sacral has done something magical again, and I like it. Just a small moment, but the magic is magic, to me.

So much to say, no time, sorry. But here is the DETAIL from now, so insignificant perhaps in the flows and wonderfulness. OVERWHELMING coincidences everywhere, again, as in my bizarre time what, 3 years ago, after the Toronto Penta with Ra Uru Hu, when I first started my PHS diet.

So I went as I often do to the Indochine 2 cafe for breakfast, and it just smelt odd. And my usual tables were full, it just felt, oh oh, to my sacral. I walk up the road, not knowing where for breakfast, and a place I wondered about many times, next door to the Lemongrass Restaurant, another coincidence, as my business in Siem Reap is also called Lemongrass, and I decide to have breakfast.

Here I met 2 Americans, a professor of Political Science about to bring her students here from the US, what a culture shock they will have, and an Anthropologist over on holiday from his work in the Philippines. Now, I studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge many years ago, oh baby and the Princess have arrived, I have NO TIME any more for my blog, but I have some records started, if not posted, for the book I intend to make of all this period all the same.

yes, ok, baby and princess have gone as they want Khmer simple breakfast not English, and I am all yours for maybe 10 seconds longer. Busy day today, bus at lunch time planned for Siem Reap, probably a taxi as that would be in just 3 hours and we have to buy what we need to set up a new clothing store in Siem Reap, my dream, Mahalo fashion design is a breath away now.

So at Cambridge my thesis was on Rastafarianism in Jamaica, 1935-75, and I do tend to get passionate about some aspects of social science and all that if I meet another academic. We had a great chat. The Professor wonders why the Prime Minister of Thailand has not called an election, and I am surprised, sometimes I wonder if my mother is correct that the most basic level of education in the UK, the A Level that is for my own family, already quite advanced for some I agree, way ahead of most of my own girlfriends, well, that basic level would be a professor in the US of A. Thailand politics, I stayed there one year or a little more, through yellow shirts and red shirts and I also know personally S P Somtow, who publishes the best daily blog on Thai life and also their politics. I explain why to her, and feel a little embarrassed, I am just an amateur, she is bringing students from the US and I am teaching her the basics of Thai politics, I must be
delusional? But the thing is that Human Design predicts the collapse of Western style democracy, and I do not tell her any of that, but it gives me a magical window onto the truth beyond the facts.

Never mind. So they ask what I do, I now own a business in Siem Reap I say, and this is the Sacral coincidence that blows me away. They both saw and noticed the Lemongrass Garden while they were there a couple of days ago. That is astonishing. Either it is more true than I believe already, that everyone seems to be buzzing about our new success. Sure it looks good, I am an artist, a graphic sensualist, I know how to do that, but even so, while it is in I think a good position, until we took over, that position was not thought to be so good. In fact, very few people knew that place existed before. The previous owner is jealous now, wants to buy it back, well, start by doubling the price, we might consider, but we both LOVE that business.

Meanwhile the love triangle I have failed to post about, but have written about and is stored here, that continues.

Best of wishes to all who read my blog, sorry for the absence, the blog exists, so contact me for direct subscription if you want to keep up to date with those incomplete or possibly illegal blogs I have no time to check over and which remain unposted for some weeks now. They exist. Subscribe and I can inform you if you agree these are blogs in progress, without legal prejudice if I comment to openly about others, and often trail off unfinished for now.

I am just too busy and LOVING my life. I NEVER thought I could do that again, for so many years, i am LOVING my life now.

And it is such a roller coaster and passionate and impossible soap opera, I just would not believe a film of my life now. Thank you Ra. Thank you, for making my life magical although, sure it took years, it is magical now. Thanks.

Or in Hawaiian, the word would be


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Just Knew - but so what...

I just KNEW Paris airport would be open in time for my flight, and I just KNEW my flight could be ok.


Phnom Penh, 21 April 2010 - El Mundo Cafe, 12h30

I am a knower, it is my chart, this is one of the most extreme proofs of Human Design I ever found. I DO KNOW. I just KNOW.

I knew.

I knew.

I also know that I am perfectly happy to stay on a little longer here, but I also fear that suddenly I HAD A SEAT, I WAS THE FIRST FLIGHT that was OK, and they told me to forget about it. I am now 10,000 people back in the queue.

I had a wonderful afternoon, evening, morning, in Phnom Penh.

Just found the most BEAUTIFUL cloth for new staff uniforms at our "shop" - as The Princess calls it. Sometimes I think the Gods, or coincidence, is smiling at me.

Off to the Thai Airways office to say, Oy! I was booked on that flight, the airport re-opened, so did it go after all? WITHOUT ME!??


Java Cafe, Phnom Penh, April 21 2010, 14h45

Well, Paris Charles de Goal Hair port did re-open yesterday, and Air France was on the button and flying passengers to and from Bangkok straight away.

Thai Airways is another story. All their planes and staff are in the wrong places, and it takes 2 days to get everything ready to restart. So indeed, the airport was open for my flight, but there was no airplane, no staff, no meals, no nothing, and I am indeed at the end of a very long queue to get to Europe.

It could be worse. I could be stranded in the "Grey Country", as I have always called it, but with volcanic ash everywhere, perhaps the UK is a little more grey for everyone to see.

Maybe 60,000 Thai Airways passengers are ahead of me in the queue, and the next available seat to Paris, is THREE WEEKS from now. I am having a coffee to rethink what to do.

I wonder what my sacral is up to - to enter Human Design thinking for a spoonful. Human Design dogma, I mean nollidge, says that the body actually KNOWS the co-incidences in the path ahead. OK, so why am I in this situation? Yes, I discover Phnom Penh is much more delightful and fun than I thought.

But I seem to be stuck here in Asia, for some time longer than I wanted.

Oh never mind, I will find out in the flow of life I suppose.

What The ... Was That?

Phnom Penh, April 20 2010

Dara Reang Sey Hotel, 18h30

It is a strangely sweet relief to be "stranded". While the Thai Airways website promised negotiations to reroute my flight to Paris into Toulouse, which is where I am headed anyway, it also said now go to your local Thai Airways office, wherever you are, and they make all the arrangements.

Nobody answering the telephone or emails at Thai Air, not in Bangkok and not in Phnom Penh. So this morning, I went to the Thai Air office, where the staff had never heard of Toulouse, or any plans, or news, they knew less than I did. All passengers are stranded, that is how it is, but what about what it says on the website, for example, could I reroute to Madrid? Madrid, Ma... Drid...? OK, in 2 weeks time? No. Ohoh! No.

So I thought I was in the front of the queue, maybe one of the first to get home to Europe, because I had a ticket and Toulouse airport is not closed, and either the staff were stupid, to be expected here in Cambodia, and I am sitting here while my empty seat flies to France tonight, or I am suddenly at the back of a queue of 10,000 people all with tickets on Thai airways to Europe.

But I am strangely happy. I never liked Phnom Penh, but this time it seems ok. Here is a funny story, my friend Jean Luc who runs the Tigre de Papier in Siem Reap, he recommended a printers to me in Phnom Penh. All the rest are too expensive and bad quality, he said, mention his name and we get a good price. Which I did. We need promotional leaflets, and also multi-part coupons in white, blue, pink, and yellow, for every sale to a customer. I have been joyously graphic designing, maybe I can attach the file here in the blog? I found I knew exactly what to do, and have incorporated many new and original features in the design - a customer satisfaction survey that in my view, we do not need to ask a customer to fill in. We hand them the bill with the dollar total in a square box, a great improvement on the other designs used here, and a pen wil be casually available, and I predict our customers will want to circle one of the smiley faces. We may
even get a name and email, or quotable comment and a signature, it just may work, without a whisper of a word from our receptionist, and that is DESIGN, that, that, that is DESIGN. I love it.

The printer prints 100 sets of four copies in a "booklet", and the standard order is 100 booklets. Another printer charges $130. So when this recommended printer said "one hundred, sixty dollars", I presumed he was more expensive at $160. I even phoned Jean Luc to whinge about this, and when I saw the printer this morning, can you do cheaper, no, no, no, no, no. But here is the thing, I decided, I like this family, I will pay the extra anyway, and took the file to his wife, as he had left town for business.

Turns out he meant 100 booklets, just $60. Me, hopeless at business, I was ready to pay $160, just because I like the family.

And unlike so many in Cambodia, in Asia, and beyond, they have the integrity to say, no, just $60, you are a friend of Jean Luc.

Uranus the Unusual is in a special place that Genoa Bliven - head of Human Design America - described as putting our lips to the mystical cup. I agree. The gate of Innocence. which tends to recieve shocks and scars, but in the flow, can be where you reach the magic and mystery of shamanism, in your mundane existence.

Anyway I am happy today.

The sun has been sneaking through hexagram 3, Difficulty at the Beginning, for a few days now, currently where, line 4 or 5? Both my laptops are step by step more buggered every day, I have no way to Czech on the software anymore. Oh I could look on my lovely Ephemeris, where did I put that... oh, in the outer pocket of my suitcase, which is just next to me here.. just a moment...

Moving to line 5 at 2pm GMT, I am in GMT+7, that is 9pm, in a couple of hours. So we must be in colour 6, innocent observation, that feels like it is true for now. I am so laid back, it is weird. FUCCKKKK<KKK< !!!

What the HELOLO was that?

Some spirit here in the room? Uhuhm

Suddenly I am drenched in water. SHOCK to the INNOCENCE. UNUSUALNESS - uranus. Moronic Princess left a water trap to explode over me, her bloody Lotus Flowers in a glass, and my eyesight is not suited to something that can drench me without me realising what is going on.

Time to stop blogging

Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash? Seems ten thousand kilometers away.

Phnom Penh, 19 April 2010

17h, Mekong River Cafe

I am rather enjoying the volcanic ash cloud disruption. So my sincere apologies to all those whose lives are disrupted, but here I am stuffing my face with lamb chops and coffee, on the bank of the Mekong river, and Phnom Penh seems a happier town than when I have been here before.

I just replied to someone on wikipedia, he (or she?) is just a number, no name given, but very active in editing the embryonic article and also advising me. I think these wikigeeks basically have a good heart, shame about the belief in concepts and truth, oh, I had all that beaten out of me with successive tragedies and absurd moments of my ludicrous and unlikely life. There is no order in the mathematics of a splash, and the mathematics of paint splashing is truly the mathematics of reality. What is profoundly and disturbingly absurd, is that human design (over at wikipedia, Capital Letters are reserved for the Pope, and the Queen (= the rock group) etc) or Human Design, wgaf (=Hu Gives a Truck) seems able to map some of this mathematics of flow and reality as a dance of consciousness in material bubbles.

Ah, life. Volcanic ash, just look at the map, dare I copy it from the BBC, yes I dare, the ash burst forth in quiet and polite neighbour to Europe, Iceland, such a nice country, never did anything like this before, except mess up the financial system and go bankrupt, and all that Gaia puss and grey vomit headed straight for the UK and then washed on to the EEC. Oh my! Reminds me of the diagrams my Geography Teacher father made to show the flow of winds on the planet. The earth is rotating, so the winds all get caught in the what the planet rotates, and the convection of the hot tropics and the colder poles. Ash from Iceland, no choice, the UK and then the EEC, oh dear, but funny if you are not personally affected.

I am personally effected, unless Paris airport is declared open to Thai flight 930 from Bangkok tomorrow night. But I can quite happily stay on here for a couple of days, for the princely sum of $15 a night, I have a pleasant room in the Dara Reang Sey Hotel, near the riverfront. Ah, lazy days.

Only they are not. We are here, the Princess and baby and I, to get printing. But mummy is ill, so the Princess has gone to her province and her mother seems ok for now, on a drip, which is all the local doctors know to do here, and the family lotus farm, I hear, is delightful. Lotii are in a taxi heading back my way at this very moment.

Hexagrams Schmexagrams, I cannot be energised to muck with all that today. I am delighted to be graphic, designing, step by step the image for our promotion is getting better and better, I remain hopefull we will indeed Suck Seed where others merely wonder Wai, I am loving my life for the first time in many many years.

It is just so pleasant here today and no, it is not different, I, I, I am different, I suppose. Or is the world dancing?