Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another Magical Sacral Moment in my life

Phnom Penh 12 May 2010 8h48 Chivas Shack Cafe

Extraordinary. Exciting. My sacral has done something magical again, and I like it. Just a small moment, but the magic is magic, to me.

So much to say, no time, sorry. But here is the DETAIL from now, so insignificant perhaps in the flows and wonderfulness. OVERWHELMING coincidences everywhere, again, as in my bizarre time what, 3 years ago, after the Toronto Penta with Ra Uru Hu, when I first started my PHS diet.

So I went as I often do to the Indochine 2 cafe for breakfast, and it just smelt odd. And my usual tables were full, it just felt, oh oh, to my sacral. I walk up the road, not knowing where for breakfast, and a place I wondered about many times, next door to the Lemongrass Restaurant, another coincidence, as my business in Siem Reap is also called Lemongrass, and I decide to have breakfast.

Here I met 2 Americans, a professor of Political Science about to bring her students here from the US, what a culture shock they will have, and an Anthropologist over on holiday from his work in the Philippines. Now, I studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge many years ago, oh baby and the Princess have arrived, I have NO TIME any more for my blog, but I have some records started, if not posted, for the book I intend to make of all this period all the same.

yes, ok, baby and princess have gone as they want Khmer simple breakfast not English, and I am all yours for maybe 10 seconds longer. Busy day today, bus at lunch time planned for Siem Reap, probably a taxi as that would be in just 3 hours and we have to buy what we need to set up a new clothing store in Siem Reap, my dream, Mahalo fashion design is a breath away now.

So at Cambridge my thesis was on Rastafarianism in Jamaica, 1935-75, and I do tend to get passionate about some aspects of social science and all that if I meet another academic. We had a great chat. The Professor wonders why the Prime Minister of Thailand has not called an election, and I am surprised, sometimes I wonder if my mother is correct that the most basic level of education in the UK, the A Level that is for my own family, already quite advanced for some I agree, way ahead of most of my own girlfriends, well, that basic level would be a professor in the US of A. Thailand politics, I stayed there one year or a little more, through yellow shirts and red shirts and I also know personally S P Somtow, who publishes the best daily blog on Thai life and also their politics. I explain why to her, and feel a little embarrassed, I am just an amateur, she is bringing students from the US and I am teaching her the basics of Thai politics, I must be
delusional? But the thing is that Human Design predicts the collapse of Western style democracy, and I do not tell her any of that, but it gives me a magical window onto the truth beyond the facts.

Never mind. So they ask what I do, I now own a business in Siem Reap I say, and this is the Sacral coincidence that blows me away. They both saw and noticed the Lemongrass Garden while they were there a couple of days ago. That is astonishing. Either it is more true than I believe already, that everyone seems to be buzzing about our new success. Sure it looks good, I am an artist, a graphic sensualist, I know how to do that, but even so, while it is in I think a good position, until we took over, that position was not thought to be so good. In fact, very few people knew that place existed before. The previous owner is jealous now, wants to buy it back, well, start by doubling the price, we might consider, but we both LOVE that business.

Meanwhile the love triangle I have failed to post about, but have written about and is stored here, that continues.

Best of wishes to all who read my blog, sorry for the absence, the blog exists, so contact me for direct subscription if you want to keep up to date with those incomplete or possibly illegal blogs I have no time to check over and which remain unposted for some weeks now. They exist. Subscribe and I can inform you if you agree these are blogs in progress, without legal prejudice if I comment to openly about others, and often trail off unfinished for now.

I am just too busy and LOVING my life. I NEVER thought I could do that again, for so many years, i am LOVING my life now.

And it is such a roller coaster and passionate and impossible soap opera, I just would not believe a film of my life now. Thank you Ra. Thank you, for making my life magical although, sure it took years, it is magical now. Thanks.

Or in Hawaiian, the word would be


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  1. Can feel it. Enjoying the buzz. What is this subscription you mention? I would like to receive the secret blogs.