Thursday, 15 April 2010

Let The Insemination Begin

== Let The Insemination Begin... ==

Darth Vader laughter, sinister music... Not Darth Vader, Dr Evil from Austin Powers, THAT IS THE LAUGH we need as we read on...

The very fabric of all wikipedia is under threat TODAY from ME! And others, cut me down, others will spring up, in their dozens, then hundreds, then millions, some of them in human bodies... whoops, I am whimsical today, it's just me, being me, but seriously, folks..


1. Other WIKI articles will have sections added WHEN Human Design is in Shopping Hour's "widely accepted" stage of truth. When Human Design is widely accepted, there will be small bits added in the different sections of wikipedia, to say, Ra Uru Hu and others propose this model of Human Behaviour and this and that. It will be a lot of work, by many people.

Fly, my beauties, fly!


Ok, I want to write this. I know from my chart, I cannot initiate, I can only respond, and I wait NO LONGER! The bull has shat, the worm has returned, or something. Oh, it is such a damn effort to stay serious and focussed these days, I need a neck massage instead of all this tiresome thinking... sigh...

The BOOK the world wants and needs, and that various publishers are thinking, where is a better book, a bester selling book, on this what is it called again, Human Design? Where is that Digital Witchdoctor, and that Mike Mahalo, who posted on those forums on the web? Maybe he can write something.

The Title, I propose, as I may actually write it, I soppose I at least get to name it;;


Yes, I know, a contradiction, trust me, I can handle it. If anyone can. I can handle the fact that it must be experienced not explained, you do want someone like me who is able to dance with contradictions to write such a book. Human DEsign Explained

And HERE is my idea - inspired by Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote the worlds first online book, which means what? He wrote each chapter and the public, well private subscribers to his website, commented and gave feedback, updates, proof reading, allowing a much faster, more grass roots, and powerful book. It was free online during development, and STILL gave him 2 top ten bestsellers New York Times list.


I want the same idea. I hear your disbelief. Sod you. Sniff. I CAN DO THIS!

I have a plan.

A cunning plan.

Here it is. EYE write the book specifically and basically to provide wikipedia with necessary citations, explicitly, the worlds first wikipedia guided book. I actually write the chapters here on wikipedia, we can sort out the ownership and all that later, who cares? Yes, I want recognition, see my damn HD chart, but this idea is so KOOL - use wikipedia user space to write a book!!! Actually HERE. Wai Knott?

Siem Reap 16 April 2010, Khmer New Year day 3 of the celebrations. Above, written in the Shadow of Angkor, 9am., Below, written in the Blue Pumpkin, 8 am. All square that ends square.



alterations I propose to [[Personality Psychology]] can someone advise on references citations please?

Personality Psychology - traits --

Ra Uru Hu, Genoa Bliven, Richard Rudd, Chetan Parkyn, and other published authors in the field of [[Human Design]], propose a nested set of opposite personality traits, hard-wired into each individual and revealed consistently by a complex calculation derived from the date time and place of birth.

Personality Psychology - Human Design

Ra Uru Hu, Chetan Parkyn, and others have mapped a new system of personality "types" and "traits" within these types, known as the Human Design System. Human Motivation consists of 6 possible categories, arranged as 3 opposite binary pairs - Fear opposed to Need, Hope opposed to Duty, and Greed opposed to Observation. These are also called personality colors, and numbered from 1 to 6. Most people tend to polarise to the exact opposite ot their own natural and immutable motivation, effectively living a false and chaotic life.

The six personality colors alternate between active and passive, and so each opposite pair has one active and one passive polarity.

1, Fear - is the motivation to accumulate resources for survival in the face of unpredictable change. The polarity is 4. Need, the motivation to "travel light", and accumulate only what is necessary for survival in each moment.

2. Hope - is the motivation to notice what needs to be fixed and do nothing about it. The polarity is 5. Duty, the urge to fix things.

3. Desire - is the motivation to get whatever you want in life. The polarity is 6. Observation, the motivation to witness and wait.

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