Friday, 16 April 2010

Navigating Co-incidence

Navigating Coincidence

Siem Reap, 17 April 2010

Tigre de Papier Restaurant, 13h33

Co-incidence is on my mind, and for me, co-incidence is the central concept and reality of Human Design. And this is where Mahalo says something unique and I believe different to anyone else.

It just seems logical to me.

Take this example. I am flying to Europe, needed a ticket from some place in Asia to some place in Europe, and I am really flexible. There is no direct flight from Siem Reap to London, or Toulouse, which is where I plan to be first. I just followed my flow, and finally a few days back, after going into the travel agent twice and him saying, come back another day, he had the most amazing price and ticket. Phnom Penh, change planes in Bangkok, Thai Air all the way to Paris. Perfect, and just $1000, return, flexible return date, everything I wanted. I really wanted to get to Paris instead of London, just Paris in Springtime, I want some romance, some je ne sais quoi, and also I get to see my son in Toulouse while he is still on school holidays.

The fact is the ticket was suddenly available, and only for that day and place, something to do with the political violence in Bangkok. We will see if I actually get all the way, but my intuition is happy, Bangkok airport is still operating fine, I can transit there no problem. I also get to spend a couple of days in Phnom Penh, hate the place, but need to see printers and other supplies for the shop. So all is good.

Now there is a volcanic ash cloud over Europe, I thought Paris was ok, but it looks like high pressure is holding the ash where it is and all flights to Paris and London are cancelled. There is no way I could get that ticket at that price, forget it, everyone is rescheduled. I am sure it will be a crowded flight, and all European airports are closed for several days and there will be a large backlog of passengers. Probably someone will offer me money to delay my journey, we will see...

If I get through and happy, then I say co-incidence got me into a window to get a ticket, I simply could not find one today, you see.

I've always known the secret of having a better life. It is so simple. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. Read any autobiography, they all agree. They were just lucky. Others were not.

Human Design brings a better relationship with co-incidence, or it brings nothing.

It was the central feature of my life until recently, "brain the size of a planet" to quote H2G2, but situations always were unusually not as expected. Of course, with my Design Sun in hexagram 30, well, that may have something to do with it.

Then the moment I started my PHS diet, coincidences, oh boy.

The new beings predicted by Human Design, horribly called Raves, I call them Homo Omnisciens, these new beings will appear to master coincidence in ways that leave the rest of us astounded. I am sure of this. Every aspect of Human Design points to it.

We will see.

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