Sunday, 18 April 2010

Taxi to Pong Ping Thom

Pong Ping Thom, Cambodia, 18 April 2010

12h30, American Cafe

I hope I don't get ill. Now there is a stupid thought to have. I remain healthy and well. Here we are stopped en route for Pnomm Penn, to spell it correctly, as opposed to the French spelling more usually used.

I love opposites, contradictions in flow, and I found a real whopper here. The American Cafe, Pong Ping Thom. The most disgusting toilets, and kitchen and general look to the place, I had forgotten Cambodia is in the developing world, with all the new and very clean places in Siem Reap now. And in this dirt, a New Yorker has created what probably is original pizza and original home made ice cream, I think I'll give it a miss. The omelette and chips will suit me, and Vietnamese coffee? Here goes...

Well, the chips seem ok, but the oil on the plate after I have eaten the omelette looks rather brown. The princess took one look at the toilet and left for a local but classier place. Ah the coffee is as it says, Vietnamese, different flavour, but nothing mucked about with, as too often the case locally. Just coffee beans and hot water, that is ok.

I have notices a different soul in all of the world these last couple of days. I do not know how else to say it, there is no word suitable. The moment I reaslised was last night, getting back late to the shop, and sure, it looks good now, the lighting and the expensive oil paintings on the walls, the piano playing Chopin in reception, and there was just a happy glow in customers and staff, a genuine family feeling that you sometimes see in old fashioned movies, that easy, happy, joy, of people at home and contented.

I am a believer, it says so in my chart, but I struggled to realise what that meant until now I suppose. I do believe, I want and need to. A better age is coming, I so need that, my life was so challenging, and always that question, why, why, why me? Why my life with these setbacks, and why the constant protection too, I had enough money, I was cherished by the Gods to survive relatively comfortably whilst alienated socially for my autism, and I now realise, for my Human Design aura.

It is definitely time to emerge from my Chrysalis and fly.

Maybe I am a sixth line being after all.

Whilst waiting for (or delaying?) the taxi this morning, I put a stink bomb in wikipedia. We will see. I just felt, ah, I will do this. NOW.

So many planetary changes these last days, every commentator is out of their dust jackets and claiming a different planet is changing our world. Too rushed to quote any or remember it, just there is a sea change, I feel it.

More later

Taxi is waiting


El Mundo Cafe, Phnom Penh, 18h33

As a rule, I dislike Phnom Penh. But today I sense some progress here, little details, where it is settling down as well as exploding and falling apart. Anyway, the contradictions that I love, these are just now very apparent with the Princess. We have discussed this a little, and there is something in what we to together, that seems AMAZING, and also what other people want, it is fascinating. As Mahalo, the artist, I never sold a single painting. $16,000 spent, on the Mahalo Cambodia project, of course some say I am just deranged, delusional, and unable to do anything in the world. A lot of people say the same thing about the Princess. But meeting an old friend here in Phnom Penh, my faithful driver Mr Marra, Phnom Penh 0123 67769, tuktuk driver, taxi driver, motorcycle taxi, 10 years Buddhist monk and now this, I always say, and I've known him 5 years now, Buddha is with us when we drive through the mad and dangerous PP traffic. Anyway, he
knows me some years, with my enthusiasms, as someone once called them, aways spending money, on artistic this and that, lovely stuff, and never ever is anyone going to repay me, spend anything on anything that I do, I am or have always been just a colourful and rather eccentric, harmless, curiosity. Also back in the UK, ask the manager at in Ashford, Mike always spent so much on arty printing, never got any bizness sense.

Something magical is happening, I sense it in the world, and those changes in the planets recently, perhaps - oh I am just delusional again, perhaps. 5/2 profile, delusional by nature nothing to cure it. But there is something that created in the opposite ways of the Princess and I, and people like it. Oh, by the way, I have a few weeks more with the transit of blah blah in boo boo making the channel of Succeeding Where Others Fail, and Failing Where Others Suck Seed.

I have to book my ticket to Toulouse, my hotel in Paris, and you know, maybe the ash cloud over Europe will affect my flight, nobody is sure, but for now Paris and most of the other European airports remain closed. I think I may just get the travel agent to bother Thai airways about this tomorrow, until I get some answer. I kind of sense I will be stuck in PP a little longer. With the Princess driving me crazy...

Ciao for Now

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