Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Back on the Rudd again

Siem Reap, 10 April 2010
Chateau Princess, 11h00
Rudd, Richard. A Complete (Idiot's?) Guide to Circuits, Channels & Gates. Genekeys (self) publishing 2003. ISBN? Nah. Self published, exactly the sort of thing wikipedia says is primary, first person, that anyone with money can publish their own book or website.
But boy, this is solid gold. And mysteriously, it disappeared from my life for a couple of months, and my blog quality went downhill without it. This is pure gold. Did I already mention that?
Look at what Richard says about the current hexagram for the Sun, number 51, Shock. "People who need to test themselves in order to be either best or first at something." EXACTLY. I NEEDED to be both BEST and FIRST in the wikipedia story. Now I see it. I forgot that detail until now, needing to be first, needing to be best, it is in hexagram 51. "can manifest as either foolhardiness or courage. They love to shock people with their love of going where no one else dares." Any questions? I mean, my wikipedia experience, exactly, in a nutshell. "always looking for... the feeling of going beyond themselves. These people bring a sense of unpredictability and excitement to life, and they have a particular gift of empowering others by shocking them out of their own little worlds and into the bigger picture." Wikipedofilia, exactly, little world, shocking people - just 2 of them, ok, just the 2 for now, but the flow is the flow, I am part of it, and I ride, I surf the waves of existence.
So what is this "being correct" idea in Human Design? In this case, you pay your money and you take your pick, as my old mathematics teacher used to say back at school. I rode with the flow, felt deep exhiliration, and I suggest an interpretation as follows, my body NEEDED that release, I am so wanked off by that, sorry to use obscene words and ideas, well, just the one idea, but it is energy and it is released, I cannot think of a more explicit or shocking way to put it.
Maybe I could shock YOU out of YOUR little world and into the bigger picture?
While the Sun has been in the hexagram of Shock for a week, the Earth as always has furrowed through the opposition, the inversion, the hexagram of Persuasion. Shock is 100100 in binary, Yang Yin Yin is Thunder , mutation by suddenness, here the upper and lower trigram are same same. Persuasion, the tree root that eventually topples the building, slow and persistent mutation.
Rudd: "People whose intuitive awareness always ensures their survival." This is the gate of NOW, although several hexagrams have some aspect of now, this is AWARENESS in the moment of now, awareness to survive, how the lizard and the fly survive, by instinctive awareness leading to action when the energy flow is connected up (hexagram 20 connects to the throat and manifestation, hex 20 is actually named The Gate of The Now.) But we are all feeling the SOUND of now, 57 "is the gate of the right ear and of hearing in the now. This gate is the source of all mammalian awareness and represents our deepest intuitions, which are here to guide us towards survival and well-being."
What about the journey of the moon and how that affected me yesterday and today? Ah yes, but first I sense this moment, and the moon has shifted to 55, Provocation, line 1 co-operation with powerful forces.
Interesting. Here is what I wrote this morning, to the publisher Harper Collins, with a copy to the founder and godfather of wikipedia: And I just sensed, it will be the exact time to post this, my energy will be clean and post this, a little later this morning, about now...
= = = = = = = = =
11 April Siem Reap - Bengal Tiger Cafe
It was quite a choppy, bitty day yesterday. Four separate times I attempted to complete the blog. I did send an email to Harper Collins, but later, second attempt, and a lot of wasted time, in retrospect, fussing on all of this.
The thing is, some voodoo took control of my laptop. Virus virus virus virus, ok. Clean that. Still it has something, and worse, no wifi. This laptop is buggered. Don't trust it. And I am spooked rather. Fucking Voodoo from the planet Wikipedia. What is this?
I had to resurrect the trusty old Sony Vaio, keys worn so I cannot tell which is which, a far better laptop, and here, I have to put this on a datastick to complete, with a quote fro Ra Uru Hu that he posted that seemed almost to know all about my day. That is on the internet, this Samsung cannot connect, data stick, and see you on the Vaio in a moment.
... or not?

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  1. Shocking how pieces of this post can relate to the current station in 51 a year later. I'm thinking 51 relates to Aries somehow.

    Cool post...and I just checked wikipedia, there's still no HD entry. Guess it never worked out, eh?